Adam Easily Builds Complex Workflows for Salesforce

Adam Easily Builds Complex Workflows for Salesforce

As Director of Skie, a Salesforce consultant and Formstack partner, Adam helps clients create powerful cloud-based workflows with Forms, Documents, and Sign.

“We are a go-to Formstack-suite-first partner.”

Adam knows Salesforce is an incredibly powerful customer success platform. His years as a Salesforce consultant have taught him that combining the right technology with Salesforce can make it an even better tool. 

When Skie discovered Formstack, they found a platform that perfectly complemented Salesforce with easy data collection, robust document generation, and secure eSignatures. The consulting agency especially loves Formstack for Salesforce, which natively integrates with the system. This provides their customers a simple and streamlined way to collect customer data directly within Salesforce. Formstack’s power to integrate with this and other industry-leading tools made it Skie’s first choice when revamping processes for the Hawthorn Football Club.

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Optimized Salesforce

Built powerful workflows with a native form builder

Accelerated work

Created efficient workflows with forms, doument generation, and eSignatures

Saved time

Eliminated the need for custom development and coding

Improved customer experiences

Automated data collection through smart, branded forms

Video Transcript

It was straight to Formstack because of its sophistication and because of how it's a native product. And as well as Formstack's offerings and ecosystem has grown, our trust in their product, and in the acquisitions that they've made has meant that essentially, we're a go-to Formstack suite first partner.

Tell us about yourself!

My name's Adam Troughear. I'm one of the directors at Sky Solutions. We're a Salesforce partner. My role in the business is really as strategic sales, account management.

Why did you choose to partner with Formstack?

When we're looking for AppExchange partner solutions, it's really important to us, as we're a small boutique consulting partner, to have a very limited set of partners that we trust explicitly, and that we work with very closely. So Formstack was a natural choice for us, because they offer a lot of core functionality to a majority of the solutions that we deliver for our customers.

And again, a lot of our solutions really have a combination of forms, document generation, and e-signature. So as Formstack has evolved, and through their acquisitions, got Formstack sign, Formstack documents, and of course, the original Formstack forms, again, it's just meant that we have a really cohesive stack of productivity tools to add value to our customer solution, and to make the way that we deliver our solutions to customers even easier.

What was onboarding like with the partner team?

They're very, very friendly, very helpful, very consultative, which really aligns with the values and the way that we run at business. So instead of it being very cookie cutter, we had a really seamless onboarding experience. And perhaps that's exactly what they're going for, is that you just sort of feel part of the family.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

One of the solutions that I think probably demonstrates how lateral use of Formstack can really add so much value is a solution that we put together for the Hawthorn Football Club. They were looking at corporate hospitality solution, and this is alongside another AppExchange solution for event ticketing.

And there was a real challenge around the way to collect RSVPs from multiple people. Originally, our vendors were thinking that we were going to need some kind of custom build visual force craziness. We ended up being able to use Formstack as sort of a piece of middleware to be able to collect all of that RSVP information, and because it's native and it has such a deep integration into Salesforce, we're able to collect that information and update all of the relevant Salesforce records.

And because you can skin it quite beautifully, we're able to have the customer facing experience look and feel very much like it was the football club's branded kind of experience.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve? 

I think overall, Formstack has helped us provide more seamless end to end customer experiences. Salesforce is an incredible engine to be able to drive workflow and automation and data integrity. So essentially, Formstack is just a way that we can extend very, very seamlessly, and with a great customer experience, extend that data and engagement out to our customers.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”?

I think the main piece of advice that I would give to anyone who's looking at solving a problem with technology is to actually forget about the technology. It's to actually truly concentrate on the process and the outcome and the experience that your customer is trying to provide.

Why do you recommend Formstack to your clients?

We recommend Formstack because it's a highly sophisticated, easy to use, simple product. It's largely native across the suite, which means that it's nice and easy to use from our perspective, but probably more importantly, ongoing from the customer's perspective.

Skie is a boutique cloud services company specializing in Salesforce. They create clean, elegant, cloud-based solutions across CRM, service, marketing automation, and customer development.
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